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Welcome to the official website of the Fast Track Entrepreneurs Training Program! This is the world’s elite business development regimen that is designed to help entrepreneurs take their companies to new levels of growth and profit. The Fast Track ETP was founded in 2013 by Darren Weeks, a Rich Dad Advisor and the owner of Canada’s most respected financial education company, the Fast Track Group. This solutions-based firm gained notoriety throughout the past decade for its original approach to finance and was listed several times as one of the nation’s fastest growing companies. Darren is internationally regarded as the foremost expert on raising capital from investors, and personally raised nearly half a billion dollars in less than five years. Throughout his career Darren has accumulated an impressive portfolio of assets. He currently owns nearly 5,000 apartment units, hundreds of acres of land, millions of dollars in energy interests and two cruise ship terminals. He is the largest individual shareholder of the world’s largest cruise terminal, the Port of Falmouth, which is operated by the Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines. Today, Darren spends his time travelling the world to educate and show people how they too can do the same. He has spoken to over 400,000 people since 2001. Darren is an advocate for financial education and believes that learning to manage your money properly is the only sure-fire way to become wealthy. Ironically, this subject is seldom taught in school. As a result of his work, in 2013 Robert Kiyosaki, author of internationally-acclaimed Rich Dad Poor Dad, asked Darren to become a Rich Dad Advisor on raising capital.

Why ETP?

Simply put, the Fast Track ETP was founded as a result of demand. Regardless of which country or continent he spoke in, Darren was constantly asked the same question by entrepreneurs: “How do I take my business to a new level of growth?” This question is common for small-business owners. Many work long hours to keep the company running and have only a few employees. They want to grow the business, expand its clientele and create more profit for it. And this is the problem that Darren helps entrepreneurs solve today.

More About ETP

The Fast Track ETP is a coaching, training and mastermind program. Each month, Darren Weeks or a member of his team travels to your ETP chapter to work with you and your group on maximizing your business. Topics covered include raising capital from investors, marketing and advertising, B2B and P2P sales strategies, goal setting, taxes and accounting and public speaking – plus much more! In between monthly meetings, ETP students study through this website and attend a series of webinars, tele-classes and conference calls. They are given recommended and mandatory readings, and are ultimately challenged to excel beyond their own expectations. One of the important spin-off effects of the ETP is the environment in which people learn. All ETP students are entrepreneurs and investors, and thus they are surrounded by like-minded people. Students are afforded the opportunity to meet people who think like they do, work as hard as they do and face the same difficulties. It has been said that your net-worth is your network, and there are fewer more valuable networks than those in the ETP.

Where are the Current ETP Chapters?

ETP currently has chapters in Canada, Mexico, Sweden, Poland and Germany. If you would like us to come to your country, let us know!

Who Should Apply to Join the ETP?

The ETP is not open to all people. Students must submit an application that demonstrates their tenacity as an entrepreneur. We want to know about your business, what you hope to achieve and how you think ETP could be of benefit to you. Similarly, we also want to know what you can offer to the group! If you’re a real estate investor, entrepreneur or small business owner who wants to take your business to a new level of growth, then this could be the right fit for you. Our typical student has experienced a level of success in business but wants to do more.

I Don’t Have a Business Yet. Can I Still Join?

Yes. But, acceptance is a bit tougher. We want to see that you possess the entrepreneurial spirit and that you are serious about learning. We closely guard the quality of the group.

Here’s What People Have Said About Us:

“Darren Weeks’ training is more than a program, it’s a lifelong experience with like-minded individuals who are on the same journey as you across the Cash Flow Quadrants. Darren and the team have excellent content that helps structure the program but the amount of personal attention to my specific needs is more than anyone could ask for in a program of this nature. You are taught to make goals not only for your business vision but as well as what’s most important to your physical and mental well-being. Being at the begging stages of my real estate investment aspirations, the program has provided me with the infrastructure needed to be successful with everything from business card designs, website design, to how deals will be put together with potential investors. You have access to Darren and his team’s extensive network of contacts that have made him successful. The group has made me feel welcome and supported in every aspect. The group of friends I have met will last long past the program and you can’t put a price on having like-minded people in your circle. Anyone who wants to make drastically positive and profitable changes to their business should work with Darren Weeks” – Jason Hrsak

“All the formal schooling in the world doesn’t hold a candle to the real world knowledge and education we are learning. It’s the sixth sense that you get when you spend time, thoughts and ideas with great and like thinking minds. It fosters lateral thinking vs. the linear thinking that we grow up with and are educated with in our formal education. The training program gives us the ability to recharge and focus. We are honoured and thank you for the opportunity to be a part of this. Thanks so much” – Laddie & Shelley Wesolowski

“I am at a time in my life where I’m learning to love myself and grow, and I’m starting to see the rest of life’s pieces falling into place. This event was the first of its kind that I ever attended. It was absolutely fascinating, entertaining and educational; educational for transformation. Lots of information to process, and the key word for me this weekend was action. Thank you!” – Anna Thompson

“I found the event very rewarding and stimulating. Great networking opportunity. I continue to learn more at each event I attend. Since attending, I have changed my mindset, changed my investments and always seek out other opportunities.” – Betty Ann Thibodeau

“This event was mind blowing. I came in very open minded and left transformed. This conference challenged me with big questions for myself and I’m leaving very well equipped with lots of material and knowledge. Thank you, Darren. This was a great experience and very life changing.” – Tolu Oluwo

“The level of willingness to share and lay it all out and not hold anything back was phenomenal!! Nothing was sugar coated yet was easy to swallow – the truth, is the truth, is the truth. Thank you for presenting it loud and clear!” – D. Honeybourne

"My husband and I have been members of Fast Track for many years and we always enjoy the information we receive, but this past weekend’s Entrepreneur’s Round Table was something special. As a Network Marketing Professional. I wasn’t sure there would be information given that would pertain to me, as my industry is a big different from your typical brick and mortar business. However, I got a wealth of ideas and tips that have already helped me in branding and building my team. I learned some new skills in creating a vision and business plan as well as who to target with my advertising budget. Darren has created something very unique in the business world and I will be at the next one if I’m in the country!" – Candace Virkamaki

A Little Bit About Us

The Fast Track ETP was founded in 2013 by Darren Weeks, a Rich Dad Advisor to Robert Kiyosaki and the owner of Canada’s most respected financial education company, the Fast Track Group.

"I'm surrounded by like-minded entrepreneurs and business people, not to mention learning from amazing coaches!"

-- Karita McLaughlin, Zeeka Org

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